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Published on 22 Mar 2020

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Message for Registrants - Duplicate Glue Records need to be fixed to avoid issues.

Published 29 October 2020

How to identify if the name servers associated with a domain name has a duplicate glue record?

Step 1

To run a quick check, you can navigate to the DNC's homepage and enter a domain name in the domain name search bar to perform a Domain Search (WHOIS)

Step 2

Once the registration record is displayed, navigate to the Name Servers section in the WHOIS search results and check the 'NS Ip4' information which lists the IP addresses associated with the domain name record.

Step 3

If the NS Ip4 show the same IP address (same number), then that's a glue record.

Step 4

Please get in touch with your hosting provider and with your registrar to fix any duplicate glue records.

While your domain name will continue to work it is currently set up to point to one IP address and therefore one nameserver. Ideally it should point to at least two name servers. This is because if the single name server fails the secondary one would work.