Port 43 History

Recently changes have been made to the way in which registration information about .nz domain names can be accessed.

On 24 November 2017 Domain Name Commission Limited received a letter from NZRS Limited (now known as InternetNZ) which operates the .nz registry including the .nz DNS and the .nz Port 43 WHOIS. (You can read the letter here).

The letter raised issues of how the Port 43 WHOIS is used to obtain information about .nz domain names. On receiving this letter, the Domain Name Commission decided to consult on the issue, and asked for comments around the views expressed by NZRS.

This consultation, including the submissions received can be found here. After the consultation closed, the DNCL board considered the feedback from all submitters at the board meeting on 22 February 2018. The board resolved that the Port 43 WHOIS will be reduced in the information that it returns. The Port 43 WHOIS will no longer show full contact details of Registrant, Admin or Technical contacts or the date billed until information. (The board minutes are available here.)