More UDAI information

What is a UDAI

A UDAI is a code required to validate a request to transfer a .nz domain name from one registrar to another. For those with a conflicted name a UDAI is also needed to lodge a conflict preference with the DNCL. 

For security reasons, UDAIs expire after 30 days. If you have a UDAI already you can check its validity by using our tool here: If you need a new one you need to contact your Domain Name Provider. 

How to get a UDAI 

To get a new UDAI generated, the registrant will need to contact their domain name provider. 

It helps to contact your domain name provider with the email address on registration record; this is sometimes used to verify you are the registrant. The domain name provider is required to supply this to the registrant on record when requested. The provider may ask for identification before supplying the UDAI. 

If you have any issues getting your UDA, or don't know who to contact, you can email us at