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22 Nov 2002
Five more organisations have been authorised as .nz registrars this week. The five organisations are, RegisterDIRECT, Iconz, Actrix and Watchdog Corporation.
11 Nov 2002
The DNC has authorised the first three registrars for the .nz domain name space. They are WebAddress, and iSERVE.
31 Oct 2002
The SRS implementation over the weekend of 12 October went according to plan. At 1am on Monday 14 October, responsibility for operating the .nz register transferred from Domainz across to NZRS. Domainz is the Stabilising Registrar on the SRS and, until other authorised registrars can connect from 7 December 2002, they are the sole registrar...
25 Oct 2002
The Domain Name Commissioner today warned registrants of '' domain names, of a misleading letter currently circulating from 'DomainNamesNZ'.
14 Oct 2002
New Zealand's register of domain names will undergo significant change and improvement over this coming weekend with the commissioning of a new system.
14 Oct 2002
The latest version of the Registrar Implementation Kit (RIK) is available for download.
30 Sep 2002
Since the RIK was made available on 6 September, some people have sought clarification on various matters. A FAQ section of the DNC web is planned for October but some of the more common questions are covered here to assist planning...
03 Sep 2002
As stated during the July presentations, the Registrar Implementation Kit (RIK) will be available on the DNC website at on Friday 6 September, sometime after 3pm.
27 Aug 2002
InternetNZ is calling for public discussion regarding the request for a new second level domain name of ''.
08 Aug 2002
As part of the implementation of the SRS, a process needs to be established as to how domain names will be transferred from the stabilising registrar, Domainz, across to new competitive registrars on their initial connection to the SRS.
31 Jul 2002
During July, key members of the SRS implementation team were on the road, presenting an implementation update at public meetings in main centres throughout the country.
01 Jul 2002
During the past month, a large amount of activity occurred in a number of areas, as the various organisations involved in implementing the SRS increased their efforts. Important establishment work was performed for the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner and the SRS Registry.