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29 Apr 2003

InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is calling for formal submissions regarding the request for a new second level domain name of

24 Apr 2003
The April 2003 .nz newsletter is available at /content//april_03_newsletter.pdf

16 Apr 2003
This is a reminder that submissions are being sought from the public on the proposed creation of as a 2nd level domain in .nz.
27 Mar 2003
The Terms of Reference for the 2LD Working Group are available, and interested parties are invited to join the discussion list for the review.
19 Mar 2003
The March 2003 .nz newsletter is available at /content//march_03_newsletter.pdf

18 Mar 2003
Does the .nz domain name space need an alternative dispute resolution process? This is a key question and one that InternetNZ would like your assistance to answer.
07 Mar 2003
The response to the request for comment on the .nz Zone Push timetable was extremely positive. NZRS received many recommendations regarding the Zone Push review.
07 Mar 2003
The straw poll for the creation of the new second level domain '' was overwhelmingly in favour of its creation.
27 Feb 2003
WISENet, Domain Directors and Xtra have all been authorised as .nz registrars this week. Xtra have also connected to the SRS.
20 Feb 2003
The February .nz Newsletter is available at /content//february_03_newsletter.pdf
17 Feb 2003

InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, invites intersted people to participate in an online poll on the proposal to create a new second level domain - "".

17 Feb 2003
Three more registrars have now connected to the SRS., GodZone Internet Services and SouthNET all connected to the SRS today.
13 Feb 2003

The .nz Oversight Committee (NZOC) has selected the members of the working group to review the Second Level Domains policy for the .nz domain name space.

11 Feb 2003
FreeParking have made it 12 registrars with direct access to the SRS now that they have formally connected to the production SRS. More registrars are expected to connect prior to 1 March.
29 Jan 2003
There are now 22 authorised .nz registrars following the authorisation of GodZone Internet Services, Enlighten Designs and DotPHone Technologies.
17 Jan 2003

The final stage of the SRS Implementation occurred on 7 December when the first competitive registrars connected to the production SRS. Three competitive registrars connected on the first day and by the end of December there were eight authorised registrars who had connected to the SRS.

10 Jan 2003
InSPire Net has become the latest competitive registrar to connect to the SRS. There are now ten registrars who are connected to the SRS and able to register and manage .nz domain names directly with the registry.
20 Dec 2002
Over the last week the DNC has authorised SouthNET and SiliconBlue as .nz registrars. Catalyst IT was also authorised but will be restricting their registrar services to their clients only.
20 Dec 2002
A number of people recently received an unsolicited email from Lymree Database Technologies containing an e-Commerce Newsletter.
13 Dec 2002
Expressions of interest are sought from people interested in being involved in a review of the Second Level Domains policy.