Members of WHOIS Working Group

Published on 16 Aug 2004

The .nz Oversight Committee (NZOC) has selected the members of the working group to review the .nz Whois Policy.

Members of the working group are:

  • David Russell - Convenor (NZOC member, Chief Executive of the Consumers Institute)
  • Glenda Buschl - E-Business Manager, WebcoMedia
  • Colin Jackson - E-Government Unit, State Services Commission
  • Mark Nissen - Web Manager AA Tourism, and Registrar Operations AA Guides
  • Don Stokes - Knossos Networks Ltd

Three ex-officio members were selected as well. They were:

  • Keith Davidson - President, InternetNZ
  • Jennifer Northover - Councillor, InternetNZ
  • Nick Griffin - General Manager, NZRS

The group will be supported by the Domain Name Commissioner, Debbie Monahan.