Information for Mediators - .nz DRS

Published on 18 Dec 2005

InternetNZ is implementing a dispute resolution service (DRS) for .nz domain names. The service is intended to provide an alternative to the Courts in situations where two parties are in dispute over who the registrant of a .nz domain name should be.

The DRS is expected to operate in a three-tiered manner, with the first tier being informal mediation, the second tier being expert adjudication and the third being an appeal process.

Implementation of the DRS will involve the appointment of ten mediators. Once appointed, a mediator will be assigned to a dispute on a "first cab off the rank" basis as disputes are lodged with the service.

Mediators will then attempt to broker a solution to domain name disputes, using facilitation and negotiation skills to find common ground between complainants and respondents. The mediation period of the dispute process is of short duration and mediation will mainly be conducted by telephone.

If the dispute is not able to be resolved by mediation, an expert may be assigned to the case to adjudicate.

Applications for the Mediator positions are currently being sought. The following information for applicants is available:
- A Detailed Information Paper providing background to the position;
- The Advertisement seeking candidates for the mediator positions;
- A Role Description for the mediator positions;
- An Agreement that mediators will be required to sign; and
- The Draft Policy for the DRS. Public comment on this draft policy closed at midday on Thursday 5 January 2006.

Applications for these positions close at 5pm on Friday 17 February 2006. Applications, consisting of a curriculum vitae and covering letter, should be emailed to