Call for Comment - Process on Deauthorisation of a Registrar

Published on 09 Sep 2003

There is a Call for Public Comment on Process on Deauthorisation of a Registrar. The draft policy outlines the steps to be taken if a Registrar is deauthorised. Submissions closed on 23 October 2003.InternetNZ is reviewing the current Process on Deauthorisation of a Registrar. The existing policy does not adequately explain the process to be followed in the case of a registrar being deauthorised, so there is a need for a clearer process to be developed.

An earlier, initial proposal for a Caretaker Registrar is not being proceeded with, after concerns about its complexity were raised by registrars. This proposal replaces the notion of a Caretaker Registrar with a simpler way of dealing with the situation of registrar deauthorisation.

A draft policy for public comment is available at:


Public comment on the draft policy was sought by Thursday 23 October 2003 and has now closed.

Please email all comments to or fax them to (04) 495 2115. As submissions to the review are received, they will be posted on this page in .pdf format.