Brochures and Articles

The following brochures outline the basics of the .nz domain name space and how it works. If the information you're looking for isn't covered here, please contact us -

Making a name for yourself

This brochure is all about securing your own unique name as your email and website address. Clearly explained are the benefits, and there are many, of having a domain name and address, and the different types of domain name you could consider.

You’ll also discover how to go about registering your domain name and what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and that you, the registrant, are protected.

.nz - a ready reference for Registrants

Perhaps you’ve had a .nz domain name for a while or maybe yours is brand new – either way, we know you’ll find it useful.

In this brochure you’ll find a lot of information covering a wide range of topics. For instance, you’ll discover what your registrar’s responsibilities are, what you should look for when choosing one, how to make a complaint, how your rights are protected, what you need to do to stay within the rules and much more.

A service for resolving DRS disputes

Do you think you should be the registrant of a domain name that someone else has already registered? Or, has someone complained that your domain name is an unfair registration and they should be able to have it?

This brochure is for people thinking of complaining about an existing domain name registration, and for those who have had a complaint made against them. It provides basic information about our process for resolving disputes, and shows where to look for more.

DRS Policy and Procedure

The DRS Policy and Procedure - the document that sets out all the rules for the operation of the .nz Dispute Resolution Service.

Keeping the customer satisfied

If you register domain names on behalf of your clients, this brochure is for you. It sets out the rules you must abide by, gives all the information you need to operate your domain name reseller business smoothly within the .nz space, and guides you to the policies that apply to your situation.