07 Jul 2020
In this month's newsletter, we have an update on the .nz policy review (open for feedback on 16 July), an update on our pricing review, some data on how the team have been working, our guide to liquidators, and tips for registrars and registrants.
09 Jun 2020
In this month's newsletter, we have published a guide for liquidators targeted at the insolvency industry, some information on conflicted names, as well as updates on our latest COVID-19 blogs, privacy in focus, and UDAI generation.
13 May 2020
Part one of a two part blog feature about COVID-19 and .nz. Includes COVID-19 related .nz domain registrations in March-May, domain name suspensions, domain names for good, and what's next?.
30 Apr 2020
This month's newsletter includes, a message from the Commissioner on the .nz name space during the lockdown, an update on our compliance approach, FAQ Bot, COVID-19 domain name registrations, registration information, Shop safe New Zealand, and interesting links and stories.
31 Mar 2020
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