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Dispute Resolution Service Holiday shutdown

The last working day for filing for the Dispute Resolution Service will be Monday 21 December 2020.

The next working day will be Monday 18 January 2021.

Any questions or documentation can still be sent through to during this time.

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If you have submitted a complaint about a .nz registration - and have received a response to this complaint – you now have the option to reply.

We suggest you first read our DRS brochure and the DRS Policy to familiarise yourself with the service before completing this form.

There is also a list of past Expert decisions, searchable by keyword - available here. These may help you decide what kind of information to include in your complaint.

Before starting your reply, please note that:

  • While it is not necessary, now is a good time to get professtional advice if you want it.
  • You should read all the sections before starting. Here is a preview.
  • The entire form has to be completed in one session and cannot be saved.
  • If you make a mistake or wish to change your response, you can use the Back button.
  • You will need to print the completed form. However, if you do not now have a printer, an email version of your responses will be sent to you once you're done. This can be printed off later.

As you fill in the forms remember that:

  • You should support your arguments with as much evidence as possible.
  • When a yellow ? help symbol appears, you can click on it for extra information.

DNC Reference Number

This number is shown on the letter and email you received from the Domain Name Commission (DNC) that advised you a complaint has been made.

To make it easier for us, please enter the DNC Reference Number you received when first starting your complaint.

Disputed .nz Domain Name

The Domain Name at the centre of this dispute. This was specified in the letter you received.

* denotes a required field.

For more information, email us at