Provisional Address Masking Option - FAQs

Why is this only a provisonal address masking solution?

The address masking option is being offered provisionally to allay privacy and personal safety concerns held by some registrants while we finish up our WHOIS review and implement any new policies around the display of contact information for individual registrants.

Why can’t I take the option for domain names my business or organisation has registered?

Businesses and organisations already have their address information displayed on other public registers, so there’s no need to offer the address masking option to them.

Why does it have to be the Registrant or Admin contact requesting that address details be masked?

It’s important for verification reasons that the request is emailed to us from the individual Registrant or their Admin contact and comes from their email address on record. In other words, we need to be sure that the person making the request is the actual registrant. 

Why do I need to make my request from the email address on record for either the Registrant or Admin?

This is also for verification reasons. One way we can be sure the request is coming from the registrant or their Admin contact is to have the request come from the email address they have listed in the WHOIS.  

How do I go about updating my email address on record?

To update your email address, contact your registrar or domain name provider. If you’re unsure who your provider is, please let us know by emailing

How do I go about unmasking the address details on my domain name?

If you’ve had your contact address masked and then want to unmask it, please let us know by emailing

What will happen to my masked address once you’ve finished your WHOIS review?

This will depend on the outome of our WHOIS review, but you’ll be fully notified about any changes that are made regarding the display of contact information in the WHOIS.

How do I update my address details once it is masked, as I’ve now moved?

To update your contact address details once masking has happened, contact your registrar or domain name provider. If you’re unsure who your provider is, please let us know by emailing

How do I get mail if any is sent to me?

We’ll forward you any mail that is sent to your masked contact address.

Can I mask my email address/phone number as well?

You’re unable to mask your email address and telephone number. Under current .nz policies registrants still need to be contactable and there is much less potential for harm having these displayed.

How do I find the actual contact address details for a domain name that has been masked?

You’re unable to do this.

Where can I find out more about your WHOIS review?

Please visit