Lodging a preference in the Conflicted Name Process

Important– You had until 1.00 p.m. (NZDT) 18 October 2017 to lodge a preference for conflicted name.

If you are a registrant of a domain name with rights to a conflicted domain name you had until 1pm 18th October 2017 to lodge a preference. To manage your preference click here or check your conflict status here. To find out more about the Conflicted Name Process click here.

Managing a Preference:

If the shorter version of your name is conflicted you can manage your preference on this page by selecting one of the following preferences:

1 You want to try and get the shorter version of your domain name

2 You don't think anyone should get it

3 You don't want it and don't care who gets it

Once you've lodged your preference, a confirmation email will be sent to the registrant email address we have on record. The Manage your preference page shows people with conflicted names how to find the contact details of those they are in conflict with. This allows you to directly discuss with one another about who might get the name direct at the second level. Please note that to manage a conflicted name, you will need your UDAI. You are able to request your UDAI through your domain name provider.

If you think you are conflicted with yourself:

In some scenarios, it could be that you have registered all the conflicted domain names and so technically are conflicted with yourself. If this is the case - and supposing you want to register the shorter version of your .nz name direct at the second level - when going through the conflicted name process opt for one of your conflicted domain names to want to be registered directly at the second level and the others not to.

- To resolve this type of self-conflict, go to the Manage your preference page and:

- Validate the first name using its UDAI Select "I want to try and get the shorter version of my domain name"

- Validate the remaining names, one at a time, using their UDAIs.

- Select "I don't want the shorter version of my domain name and don't care who gets it" for each of these names.

You will then have resolved the conflict with yourself and the conflicted domain name will become available to you. This will resolve the conflict and your registration of the name will be able to proceed.

A self-conflicted name is where the same registrant (yourself) holds all the second level variants of the conflicted name.

Please note that the word ‘conflict’ refers to the domain names involved, not the holder/s of the domain names.

How to resolve your Self-Conflicted Name

If you hold all the second level variants of your domain name and want to resolve the self-conflict, you should:

  • Go to https://dnc.org.nz/manage.
  • Login using one of your existing .nz domain names and its UDAI. Your UDAI is the Unique Domain Authentication ID for that domain name. Your registrar is able to provide your UDAI and explain what it is.
  • Select the preference “I want to try and get the shorter version of my domain name” for this existing name; press ‘Submit’ and follow the process to its end.
  • For the other names, select the preference “I don’t want the shorter version of my domain name and don’t care who gets it”.
  • Remember that you need to repeat this process separately for each of your conflicted names.

This will resolve the self-conflict. Whichever domain name you’ve selected the first option for (“I want to try and get the shorter version of my domain name”) will be the domain name that has the right to register the new, shorter domain name direct at .nz.

You’ll then have two months from the date of resolution to register the new domain name through a registrar of your choice.

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