iwi.nz - A traditional Maori tribe, mandated by the local Iwi Authority

Moderator: Karaitiana Taiuru - Email : karaitiana@taiuru.maori.nz 


.iwi.nz is a moderated 2nd level domain. Before considering applying for iwi.nz you must meet the following:

Criterion 1. You must be a traditional Maori tribe, Hapu that belongs to a traditional Maori Iwi or taura here Iwi group operating with the permission of the main Iwi.

Criterion 2. You must be a legal body.

Criterion 3. Only genuine Maori names will be allowed in the domain pursuant to the following:

(a) If an Iwi is known by an abbreviation then they shall be accepted with their abbreviation as their iwi name.

(b) Tribal project names and tribal owned companies will not be accepted in iwi.nz, pursuant to Criterion 4.

Criterion 4. A Mandated Iwi Organisation as described in the Maori Fisheries Act (MIO), pursuant to Criterion 3.

1. Multiple .iwi.nz names per Iwi are permissible.
2. Tribal dialect is permissible in iwi names.
3. The use of ngai, ngati or other tribal suffix is applicable in the name but is optional.
4. Urban Maori groups may apply for .iwi.nz if the following is met:

(a) Must have been established for over 12 months.

(b) A legal body.

(c) Must represent a reasonable proportion of urban Maori in your area.

(d) Posses a database of all members.

(e) Criteria 3 is met.

5. Pursuant to Criterion 3, some non-Maori words such as Trust may be appear.


The authorised registrars for the .iwi.nz namespace are FreeParking (www.freeparking.co.nz) and GodZone Internet Services (www.godzone.net.nz).

This means that all .iwi.nz new registrations may only be made through FreeParking or GodZone Internet Services, and that domain names may be transferred to other registrars. Any inquiries regarding this policy should be made to the .iwi.nz Moderator, karaitiana@taiuru.maori.nz