Vacancy for Experts - .nz DRS

Published on 29 Aug 2019

Applications for two Expert positions for the .nz Dispute Resolution Service are currently being sought.

The Domain Name Commission administers a dispute resolution service (DRS) for .nz domain names. The service provides an alternative to the Courts in situations where two parties are in dispute over who has the greater right to use a domain name, and therefore who the true registrant of a .nz domain name should be.

The DRS operates in a three-tiered manner, with the first tier being informal mediation, the second tier being expert adjudication and the third being an appeal process.

The DRS uses a panel of Experts to conduct determinations. Once appointed, an Expert is assigned to a dispute on a "first cab off the rank" basis as disputes are lodged with the service.

Experts adjudicate between complainants and respondents to determine the rightful holder of the name, giving consideration to the submissions made in the written complaint, response and reply, and additional written materials submitted as annexes. The Expert's decision is delivered as a written report and is published on the DNC website. The decision is able to be appealed, in which case a panel of three Experts will consider the appeal case.

Applications for two Expert positions are currently being sought. The following information for applicants is available:

- A Detailed Information Paper providing a background to the position [pdf]

- The Advertisement seeking candidates for the Expert positions [pdf]

- The Policy for the DRS.

Applications for these positions close at 5.00pm on 16 October 2019 and can be emailed through to