All decisions resulting from Expert determinations are published on this page. 

Decisions are searchable by free text or by keywords (e.g. trade name, fair use, etc) and outcome (e.g. transferred, dismissed, etc). To search, use the boxes below. 

A Guide to DRS Expert Decisions is also available. This draws on the existing body of expert decisons (as at September 2016).  

Case Number Complainant Name Respondent Name Domain Names Outcome View
204 KBB Miusic Ltd Bonfire Development Transferred HTML PDF
203 Thai Airways International Public Company Limited E-Promote Transferred HTML PDF
202 TradeFree Ltd. Adnet Dismissed HTML PDF
198 Monarch Natural Health DLE Investments Transferred HTML PDF
188 Kiwispy limited Everlast Transferred HTML PDF
186 Mountain Buggy Trademarks Limited Campbell Gower Dismissed HTML PDF
172 NZ Aerial Mapping Limited Terralink International Limited, Transferred HTML PDF
168 Financial Services Insurance Agent Transferred HTML PDF
156 National Manager, TeachNZ, Ministry of Education David Powell Cancelled HTML PDF
150 Skype Technologies, S.A. Bellamy Price Mansfield, Ltd., Transferred HTML PDF
149 Fleet & Partners Ltd Fleet Partners Pty Ltd Dismissed HTML PDF
145 Pacific Bereavement Solutions (NZ) Ltd Clive Cooper - admin Transferred HTML PDF
137 Seek Limited Domain Admin Transferred HTML PDF
113 Barfoot & Thompson Domain Admin Transferred HTML PDF
109 Harcourts Group Ltd Petrov Sergei, Dismissed HTML PDF
108 B.O.P. Memorials Jones & Company Funeral Services Transferred HTML PDF
101 InterCity Group (NZ) Limited Traction Group Limited Transferred HTML PDF