All decisions resulting from Expert determinations are published on this page. 

Decisions are searchable by free text or by keywords (e.g. trade name, fair use, etc) and outcome (e.g. transferred, dismissed, etc). To search, use the boxes below. 

A Guide to DRS Expert Decisions is also available. This draws on the existing body of expert decisons (as at September 2016).  

Case Number Complainant Name Respondent Name Domain Names Outcome View
420 First Direct Limited Eva Romanowska Dismissed HTML PDF
417 Macnaught Pty Limited Neville Stuart Transferred HTML PDF
409 Frucor Beverages Ltd. Clark R F Mills Transferred HTML PDF
402 Profile Boats (2008) Limited jan mccutcheon Transferred HTML PDF
399 The Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand animal welfare in new zealand Transferred HTML PDF
377 Law Staff International Limited Law Staff Australia Pty. Limited Transferred HTML PDF
372 Metrotest.Com Ltd David Rohani Transferred HTML PDF
353 Wicked Campers Escape Rentals Transferred HTML PDF
346 Trade Me Limited thought box ltd Transferred HTML PDF
344 Sabco Australia Pty Ltd HARCO (Harkness & Young Ltd) Transferred HTML PDF
343 Pacific Brands Holdings NZ Ltd Visitec (NZ) Limited Transferred HTML PDF
341 eLuggage CRW Group Ltd Dismissed HTML PDF
340 Carlton Haulage Limited John Burrill Transferred HTML PDF
338 A1 Radiators & Airconditioning Specialists Limited RegistryWeb Transferred HTML PDF
334 The Country Channel Ltd The Country Channel Limited Appeal HTML PDF
325 Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd Richard Hayes Dismissed HTML PDF
323 A1 Radiator & Air Conditioning Specialists Limited Heat Exchanger Services,, Transferred HTML PDF
313 Budget Rent A Car System, Inc. Ian Willis Transferred HTML PDF
311 Transformer Winding Sevices Ltd Marcus Maraldo Dismissed HTML PDF
302 Sato New Zealand Limited Ansutek Commercial Ltd Transferred HTML PDF