All decisions resulting from Expert determinations are published on this page. 

Decisions are searchable by free text or by keywords (e.g. trade name, fair use, etc) and outcome (e.g. transferred, dismissed, etc). To search, use the boxes below. 

A Guide to DRS Expert Decisions is also available. This draws on the existing body of expert decisons (as at September 2016).  

Case Number Complainant Name Respondent Name Domain Names Outcome View
1136 Counties Ready Mix Limited Interbloc Limited, Dismissed HTML PDF
1125 STIEF Family First NZ Dismissed HTML PDF
1122 Enterprise Holdings, Inc Bai Xiqing Transferred HTML PDF
1121 Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA, LLC Li Yu Transferred HTML PDF
1120 Volkswagen AG Gavin Bloemen Transferred HTML PDF
1116 Yellow Holdings Limited Eurobelt Limited Appeal HTML PDF
1113 LEGO Juris A/S Noel Langdon Transferred HTML PDF
1110 Warehouse Stationery Limited Domforce Ltd Transferred HTML PDF
1102 Regilait, S.A.S. Dimitri Pantelo Transferred HTML PDF
1095 Syntech Distributors Limited Industrial Minerals (NZ) Limited Transferred HTML PDF
1088 Western Bay of Plenty Tourism & Visitors Trust Wayland Mark Warner, Dismissed HTML PDF
1080 Safety and Medical Manufacturers Limited Paul Ivory, Transferred HTML PDF
1075 Stock-X Systems Limited SiRCIT Pty Ltd Transferred HTML PDF
1061 The Coca-Cola Company Chefs With an Edge Australia Pty Ltd, Transferred HTML PDF
1060 H-D U.S.A., LLC After Hours Home Physio, Transferred HTML PDF
1045 Teak Construction Group Ltd Payback Limited Transferred HTML PDF
996 Financial Markets Authority Essex Wine Supplies Ltd Transferred HTML PDF
984 Beachbody, LLC Ai Leen Transferred HTML PDF
983 Capital S.M.A.R.T. Repairs Australia Pty Limited Eastlight Asset Trading No.3 Limited Transferred HTML PDF
963 Sienna Group (2008) Ltd Eco Move (NZ) Limited/Eco Move (Aust.) Pty. Ltd Dismissed HTML PDF