All decisions resulting from Expert determinations are published on this page. 

Decisions are searchable by free text or by keywords (e.g. trade name, fair use, etc) and outcome (e.g. transferred, dismissed, etc). To search, use the boxes below. 

A Guide to DRS Expert Decisions is also available. This draws on the existing body of expert decisons (as at September 2016).  

Case Number Complainant Name Respondent Name Domain Names Outcome View
1220 New Zealand Lotteries Commission Zhang San Transferred HTML PDF
1211 Nexia International Limited Shane Plummer, Transferred HTML PDF
1203 Noel Leeming Group Limited Pioneer Enterprises Limited Transferred HTML PDF
1202 Salamander Enterprises Ltd Michael Sables Dismissed HTML PDF
1197 SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd. James Jin Transferred HTML PDF
1193 Blastmaster Management Pty Limited Blastone NZ Ltd Transferred HTML PDF
1192 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. Yan Sun , Transferred HTML PDF
1191 NZ Directories IP Limited Domforce Ltd Transferred HTML PDF
1187 New Plymouth District Council Chris Pulford Dismissed HTML PDF
1186 NIKE, Inc. and Nike Innovate C.V. Antony J Transferred HTML PDF
1185 Google Inc. Ravi Singh, Transferred HTML PDF
1183 New Zealand Detector Dog Services Limited Wildlife Contractors Ltd,, Transferred HTML PDF
1181 Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. Yan Sun Transferred HTML PDF
1169 My Tax Limited The Web Company NZ Ltd Dismissed HTML PDF
1153 Converse Inc. and All Star C.V. Robert Vale Transferred HTML PDF
1143 Health Foods International Limited Ehab Hammouda Transferred HTML PDF
1137 Sixt SE Shen Lin Transferred HTML PDF
1136 Counties Ready Mix Limited Interbloc Limited, Dismissed HTML PDF
1125 STIEF Family First NZ Dismissed HTML PDF
1122 Enterprise Holdings, Inc Bai Xiqing Transferred HTML PDF