.nz Whois Server Policy Review



The following are members of the Working Group:

David Russell - Convenor

David is a member of the .nz Oversight Committee of InternetNZ, and is Chief Executive of the Consumers Institute.

Glenda Buschl

Glenda is E-Business Manager for WebcoMedia in Nelson.

Colin Jackson

Colin is part of the E-Government Unit in the State Services Commission.

Mark Nissen

Mark is Web Manager for AA Tourism, and Registrar Operations AA Guides.

Don Stokes

Don is from Knossos Networks, based in Wellington.

Ex-Officio Members

The following ex-officio members are assisting the Working Group.

Keith Davidson

Keith is President of InternetNZ.

Jennifer Northover

Jennifer is a Councillor of InternetNZ.

Nick Griffin

Nick is the General Manager of .nz Registry Services, the company providing technical services for the .nz domain name register.

The group is supported in its work by the Domain Name Commissioner, Debbie Monahan.

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