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.nz Whois Server Policy Review Working Group



The current Whois policy is based on the policy that has been in place since prior to the implementation of the Shared Registry System in October 2002. Current information displayed in the .nz Whois includes details of the registrar, registrant, the administration and technical contacts. It also includes details of the registration and renewal dates.

In line with a decision by the .nz Oversight Committee (NZOC) to review all the .nz policies and procedures, the time has come to review the Whois policy in its entirety. NZOC will set up a Working Group to undertake this review on their behalf.


It is intended by NZOC that the Working Group will undertake a thorough review of the Whois for .nz. This will involve consideration of all matters relating to the information displayed and access to that information. It does not include any technical requirements or operation of the .nz SRS except where they relate to information displayed as a result of a Whois query.

The Review is to be considered from the perspective of the New Zealand community.

Key roles and responsibilities

The Working Group will:

  1. Undertake a review of the current ‘Whois’ policy from first principles.
  2. Ensure the review seeks input from all relevant .nz stakeholders.
  3. Ensure that recommendations do not affect the integrity of the .nz domain name space.
  4. Ensure that recommendations include practical and achievable implementation strategies where changes are proposed to the current policy.
  5. Consult stakeholders and seek public input to the review.
  6. Commission research as required to assist in the review process.
  7. Meet from time to time, and to report as required to the .nz Oversight Committee.
  8. Spend such funds as are allocated to the Working Group by the Office of the DNC for the purposes of the review.
  9. Make recommendations to the .nz Oversight Committee.


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