From:           Hiria Te Rangi
Received:     29 October 2015

Thank you for allowing the Internet community to have their say.

Why .nz registrant data should /should not be collected

Registrant data should be collected

Why .nz registrant data should /should not be publicly available

Registrant data should be anonymised on the WHOIS by default unless the registrant opts out.  The Registra should be able to see the details of their customer registrants.

Why the display and availability of .nz registrant data should / should not be the same for all parties

Abuse by third parties. I have been contacted by internet advertising companies because my details are available via my .nz registrant details. While that is of little concern to me, it shows how easy it would be to find someone using the .nz Registrant data

Why the current approach does / does not raise concerns for some

Having the .NZ registrant data publicly available exposes Registrants to potential malicious intent by default. There is no way for them to opt out, unless they go through considerable measure to do so. This is not good enough.

Nat Dudley wrote a piece outlining the rigmarole a Registrant would have to go through in order to own a .NZ domain name without exposing themselves.

This includes having to have access to and the knowledge of how to implement the following.

•        Prepaid SIM card
•        Throwaway gmail account
•        PrivateBox address

Again this is not good enough, protect the .NZ registrants by default.