From:           Crazy Domains
Received:     13 October 2015

•    Why .nz registrant data should /should not be collected

.NZ Registrant data should be collected. As a registrar at the coalface of registrant relations we understand the importance of the ability to contact the registrant. This extends to not only registrations, but also to enquiries relating to abuse, compliance, legal and policy issues. This is important both for the sake of governance and for the registrant to have the ability to express their voice.

•    Why .nz registrant data should /should not be publicly available

In brief, because of misuse. The vast majority of end users have little to no idea that the information provided on registration is made publicly available when their applied domain is registered.

There are a variety of methods to increase awareness of WHOIS and its effects, however all would come at a cost to the parties involved in managing the space. In turn, this would affect the registrant as those costs would be passed down.

Anyone registering a domain where the contact details of the registrant are made easily accessible will quickly be bombarded with spam from SEO, web design and associated service ‘providers’. This is a common complaint we see at a support level from our clients and the only solution we can propose incurs extra costs to the registrant, doing nothing to promote the domain industry.

Whether protected at the registry or registrar level there are means by which authorised communication can reach the registrant and misuse can be blocked.

•    Why the display and availability of .nz registrant data should / should not be the same for all parties

There are plenty of methods in which publicly available contact details can be misused, but there are also legitimate reasons why the ability for contact is necessary. Even through non-display, there are methods by which a party may contact the registrant and our view is that public display is not necessary.

•    Why the current approach does / does not raise concerns for some

It raises concerns because it affects the reputation of the industry, not just at a domain level, but at a website level.

The internet already has a reputation for being unsafe to a degree. For users entering the website space for the first time and being exposed immediately to the misuse of their details that are unknowingly publicly available. Whether this is through ignorance or not, it creates an environment where not only is that stereotype verified but it is amplified..