From:           Aurynn Shaw
Received:     6 October 2015

•    Why .nz registrant data should /should not be collected

I think collection should be optional and discouraged; or if it is required, that registrars have extremely strong, audited security processes around how they retain this data

•    Why .nz registrant data should /should not be publicly available

It should be optionally be available, at the discretion of the registering person. Not allowing WHOIS cloaking is extremely harmful to women and other marginalised persons. It puts an extra weight & cost on us to establish private PO boxes or other means of address redirection to avoid stalking and other predatory behaviours. This extra cost only effects marginalised persons, and adds a barrier to participation in the internet sphere.

•    Why the display and availability of .nz registrant data should / should not be the same for all parties

See above re: cloaking

•    Why the current approach does / does not raise concerns for some

It raises concerns for me because marginalised people and their needs are ignored, so these people don’t feel comfortable registering domains and as a result don’t participate fully.