From:           4 (details withheld)
Received:     27 October 2015

hi-read this a copy of a letter i wrote about my house being shot up as people tracked me through whois data!

nobodies business whois data-like license plate info was stopped being gained through the post office so should this!
leads to all sorts of crooked biz and innocent people being victimised by thugs


can you please tell me any US registrar that will park a domain?
im a member of go daddy/ dream host /Enom central /name cheap /hostgator and none of them will do it!
i have asked name/domain plus another 10-12 and can't find one.
i have also asked 1st domains who they are parked with at the moment-to no avail.
my house has been shot at,smashing windows and scared my 72yr old dad!
so i need to move things away from our address

please help as my enquiries have bore no fruit