From:           1 (details withheld)
Received:     7 October 2015

- Why .nz registrant data should /should not be collected

I believe registrant data should be collected to allow accountability for the activities of services operating under the .nz TLD.

- Why .nz registrant data should /should not be publicly available
- Why the display and availability of .nz registrant data should / should not be the same for all parties

I believe .nz registrant data should only be publicly displayed for business entities, political parties, or incorporated societies.
Individuals registering a name should have a right to privacy. To use an anachronistic analogy: one could opt out of having one's address and phone number in the phone book and the same provisions should be available online.

- Why the current approach does / does not raise concerns for some

The current approach does raise concerns for me. I worked at a domain registrar and many customers were flabbergasted to find that the .nz TLD doesn't allow a privacy service.

Individuals shouldn't have to publicly tell the world their address in order to register a domain. There are many valid reason for not sharing one's address online, and usually the advice given to people interacting online is to NOT share your address with untrusted parties. Forcing people to publish their address runs contrary to best practice for staying safe in a progressively more hostile online environment.

Further, people can still register a domain through a third party, their lawyer, or otherwise to get protection of their private residential address. But that option is only available to people who are privacy aware and have the resources to pay them. Privacy shouldn't be right of the elite, privacy should be accessible to the most vulnerable as well as the default option.