Tim Price .bank.nz submission Tim Price bank.nz submission
From: Tim Price
Received: 6 March 2007

I object to the proposed 2LD for the following reasons.

I do not see the need for the creation of a new, potentially confusing 2LD for
the proposed use of “16 registered banks within New Zealand” into an already
cluttered .nz domain space.

The applicant also proposes to further exclude not registered banks such as
building societies, credit unions and financial co-operatives by creating a
paranoia that “Unless they have a .bank.nz domain you can't trust them”.

I also agree with Richard Thomas's submission that “Most scammers do not
bother registering domains similar to the ones being phished”

In conclusion I consider this proposal unnecessary, elitist and potentially


Tim Price

thepacific.net Ltd

**These are my views and not those of my organisation**