Spiro Harvey .bank.nz Submission Spiro Harvey bank.nz submission
: Spiro Harvey
Received: 14 March 2007

I do not feel that a 2LD of .bank.nz is necessary.

The premise that this is for added security is not only misguided, but outright false.
The people who are caught out by fraudulent emails will not look at the domain
names on links, thus still leaving them vulnerable to these scams. The false sense of
security that this 2LD will instill in people will not only bring disrepute to the banking
industry, but to Domainz and whomever is chosen as the registrar controlling the

I do not believe that Domainz is the right organisation to control this as they are not
part of the banking industry. Requiring an appropriate organisation, however, will
make the process unwieldy, and possibly unmanageable as in the end, the process
still has to pass through Domainz's (or any other registrar's) hands.

There are no significant benefits to the banking industry changing to .bank.nz domain
names, and the cost will no doubt be subsidised by increasing the fees of banking

This absolutely will not increase security, nor protect people from scams. Anyone
who believes it will does not understand the Internet, and severely underestimates
the gullibility of the end users.

I strongly oppose the .bank.nz submission.