Overview of Domain Name Commission's .nz Proposals


Is it time to change how we operate the .nz domain name space?  That's a question that the Domain Name Commission is asking and we are seeking your views on some proposals.

We're all familiar with browsing the Internet and accessing our banks, news, shopping and general interest sites.  Many of these sites end in a “.nz” suffix, the country code for New Zealand.   Other sites we access end in .com, .org or perhaps another country code such as .au (Australia).

 .nz domain names are registered at the third level with a ‘second level domain' between the name and the country code.  For example, many New Zealanders use Trade Me (trademe.co.nz).   In this example,  “trademe” is the domain name, “.co” is the second level domain and “.nz” is the country code.

Contrast this with .com names like ebay.com.  Registrations in .com, and in all generic (non-country) code domains (along with many country codes as well) are done at the second level – directly before the top level domain.

Taking the example of trademe.co.nz, imagine if they could register trademe.nz. This is what the Domain Name Commission is proposing could be done in the future.

We're not intending to affect what we already have. There is a clear undertaking that even if there is change made in the future, all current .nz domain names will remain as functional as they are now.

The proposals also include maintaining the choice of registering under any of the existing second level domains; for example .co.nz; creating new second level domains; and establishing a process to enable existing .nz domain name holders (registrants) the chance to obtain their  domain name/s at the second level.

There's a lot more to it than the brief description above though.  It's laid out in our Consultation Paper at http://dnc.org.nz/content/Second_Level_Consultation_Paper.pdf.  The views of the local Internet community are a key part of our decision making process so we encourage you all to read and consider what is proposed.

Submissions can be made online at https://www.research.net/s/dnc_consultation1, or by email to policies@dnc.org.nz, by fax to (04) 495 2115, or by mail to PO Box 11881, Wellington. 

What is being proposed represents a potentially significant impact on the .nz domain name space. Submissions close at midday on Thursday 27 September 2012 so please make your views heard by then.

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