From:           Thomas Beagle
Received:    21 September 2012

This is a brief submission in favour of opening up the second level domain space in .nz

I am of the opinion that there is no benefit in continuing to have mandatory second level domains. They are merely a historical artifact of how the internet was established in New Zealand.

.nz names are shorter (therefore easier to type) and more elegant. I note that part of the reason I chose my personal domain name ( was that I thought that the .nz ones were to fussy and long because of the mandatory second-level domain. I would be very likely to register and use it as my primary domain if possible.

I do not see why there should be any "protection" for people who own third-level domain names that they want to register at the second level as well as they can continue to use their existing names.

Acknowledging that others don't agree, I therefore believe that the sunrise period is doing more than enough to ensure that their interests are being protected.