From:           New Zealand Post Limited, Sarah O’Sullivan, Legal Counsel
Received:    27 September 2012

NZ Post is a trusted brand for New Zealanders.  NZ Post is opposed to the proposal to extend .nz domain names to the second level, as the proposal creates uncertainty around the brand and has the potential to create confusion for consumers at a time when maintaining the integrity and credibility of NZ Post's website presence is vitally important to our business.  We believe the introduction of second level domain names undermines the significant investment in the development of an online presence already made by NZ Post and will force the business to secure multiple second level domain names to protect its brand at an additional cost and for little additional benefit.  The proposal opens up the potential for cyber-squatting, phishing and other opportunistic initiatives which are costly and have little public benefit.

We believe the current domain name format is effective and serves us well and we do not see the need for any further additional second level domain names being made available.