From:           Linda Cole, Virgo Media
Received:      1 June 2012

I don't have an issue with .nz coming into play but like many domainers who have built up a portfolio my concern is with the issue of multiple registrations of the same name.

The consensus so far seems to be that consent from other name holders could solve the problem but in all reality I think this is not likely to turn out well.

I can see money changing hands and if name owners are happy with that then problem solved. On the other hand I have noted myself that one of my domain names that I have been maintaining for many years will be an issue. The recent registration of the of the same name by a large overseas investment company could see me losing the name as I do not have the funds to dispute it.

"Win some lose some I guess."

I for one have always believed in the spirit of competition as well as fair play and that the domain name game is similar to the world of real estate in that the best offer on the day secures the prime asset.

After much deliberation I genuinely feel that the person holding the extension should have first dibs on the new .nz.

This would breath a sigh of relief into small companies worried that their name is going to be lost in the probable land rush and appease us domainers who have spent a small fortune over the years keeping our domains going.

Now I can hear the sceptics from here saying that I am looking after my own back yard. Believe it or not I am one of the lucky ones who has good names with zero or little competition so if it all comes to pass I will possibly do better than most.

My point is the domain name industry is a business and has made many people very wealthy on the international scene. This does not sit well with businesses trying to obtain a name but we live largely in a world of free enterprise where some will always do better than others.

Domainers are generally passionate about their business and like nothing better than to see their name taken by a New Zealand company and used on the net. Sure there are those that will try to get as much as they can for the domain but from what I have seen over the years and myself included there are not many wealthy (if any) domain name investors here In NZ.

Let the people who were astute enough to grab the extension (which at this point is considered the top of the heap on the internet)take the .NZ and be done with it.

Leaving the conflict of who gets the name in multiple registrations is hardly fair and not very ethical. It leaves itself wide open to some "dirty tactics" being performed by those who will see it as an opportunity to jump on the domain name investment wagon. There is only so much people in positions of power can to prevent this from happening.

These are the thoughts of a small business in New Zealand who wants to see this situation sorted with fairness and dignity.

Yours Sincerely,
Linda Cole.
Virgo Media