.nz Domain Name Commission
Ref: OLD
Title: Outline Document
Date Issued: 22 December 2008
Status: Current
Version: 1.8

This policy is issued by Domain Name Commission Limited (DNC or Domain Name
Commission) on behalf of InternetNZ, Internet New Zealand Incorporated.


1. Statement of Purpose

1.1 This document serves as an outline of all the new policy documents and guidelines that have been generated in response to the change to a shared registry system ("SRS").

1.2 It provides details of document references, links to the documents, and a brief description of the content of each document.

1.3 This document also defines terms that have been used throughout the documents.

2. Principles

2.1 The .nz policies are in line with the agreed general principles of the Shared Registry System ("SRS").

2.2 The .nz policies should be read in conjunction with each other, and also with the relevant agreement.

2.3 Due to the time constraint to establish the .nz policies prior to the implementation of the SRS, there has unfortunately been limited opportunity for consultation. However, review of the .nz policies will take place, and consultation will be undertaken.

3.Glossary of terms

Term Definition
Authorised Registrar A registrar that has been authorised by the Domain Name Commission and has signed the Authorisation Agreement. The only entity that is able to manage .nz domain names on behalf of registrants.
ccTLD Country Code. Top level of the domain name hierachy. Eg. www.internetnz.net.nz
De-authorisation The process whereby a registrar has their authorisation status taken away, either by choice, or enforced by the Domain Name Commission.
Domain Name An alphanumeric string which resolves to Internet resources. Eg. www.internetnz.net.nz
Domain Name Commission ("DNC") Domain Name Commission Limited, trading as the Domain Name Commission.
Domain name system The system used by the Internet to translate domain names such as internet.net.nz into network addresses that allow once computer to connect to another.
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
InternetNZ Internet New Zealand Incorporated is the organisation authorised by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority to manage the .nz domain name space. InternetNZ has appointed the Domain Name Commission to oversee the management of the .nz DNS.
Moderation The process by which proposed domain names are scrutinised for their suitability to be accepted within certain 2LDs.
.nz Registry Services ("NZRS") New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited, trading as .nz Registry Services.
Register The authoritative database and record of .nz domains managed and operated by NZRS.
Registrant The person who holds the right to use a 3LD name (previously referred to as the name holder). E.g.: InternetNZ is the registrant of the domain name www.internetnz.net.nz
Registrar The entity that registers a domain name on behalf of the registrant.
Registry The entity that maintains the register, providing access to Registrars. Previously Domainz but under the SRS, NZRS.
Reseller A secondary party that works through the registrar. Under the .nz SRS the reseller has no formal status. The registrar must take full responsibility for all employees and any entities, such as resellers, that they enter into a relationship with.
Second Level Domain 2LD A name at the second level of the .nz domain name hierachy. Eg: www.internetnz.net.nz. The .nz DNS has 12 2LD's. Please refer to document "2LD"
Shared Registry System (SRS) A single database for registering and maintaining domain names which allows multiple, accredited registrars to provide domain name registration services. These authorised registrars can effect changes to the register.
Third Level Domain Name ("3LD") A name at the third level of the .nz domain name hierachy. Eg: www.internetnz.net.nz. 3LD name holders are referred to as registrants.
Top Level Domain TLD Either generic/l gTLD, Eg. .com or based on country code: ccTLD, Eg. .nz, .au.
UDAI Unique Domain Authorisation Identification. This is required to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another.
WHOIS Server A service that enables a search of domain names to be conducted to find certain information.

4. Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Document Name Reference Description
Authorisation Process

.html | .pdf

AOR This document details the process that potential registrars must follow in order to gain authorisation from the Domain Name Commission to access the SRS, as per the Authorisation Agreement.

The attached "Authorisation Application Form" ("Form AOR1") must be completed by the registrar and returned, plus attachments, to the Domain Name Commission before authorisation will be considered.

Connection Process

.html | .pdf

CON This document details the process that potential registrars must follow in order to connect to the .nz register.
Change of Registrant

.html | .pdf

COR This policy acts as a guide for registrars in the change of registrant process. It offers suggestions that the registrar may consider before designing a process to deal with a registrant's request to change the registered registrant.

Clear minimum expectations are set for the registrars to ensure the process of domain name change is appropriately handles.

A draft Change of Registrant form ("COR1") has been provided as a guide for registrars to ensure they are aware of the nature of the information that needs to be gathered. There is no obligation on registrars to use this form.

Dispute and Complaint Process

.html | .pdf

DCP This document complements the RAR and relates to IIP. It will allow all parties to see where the Domain Name Commission will become involved in a complaint or dispute and what process it will employ to try to resolve the situation.
Dispute Resolution Service

.html | .pdf

DRS This covers the policy and procedure for the Dispute Resolution Service. Anyone who wishes to make a complaint about the registration of a .nz domain name that they view as being unfair may use this system.
Investigation and Inquiry Process

.html | .pdf

IIP This process builds on DCP and explains the detail of the investigation that will be undertaken should the complaint reach the Domain Name Commission. It also considers possible outcomes and sanctions.
Policy Development Process

.html | .pdf

PDP Process to be followed when setting .nz policies.
Privacy Policy

.html | .pdf

PRI This policy details what personal information the Domain Name Commission collects, why this information is collected, and how it is used.

This policy is essential reading for all parties involved in the SRS.

Process on De-Authorisation of Registrars

.html | .pdf

POD This policy describes the process followed when a registrar has been de-authorised, either voluntarily, or as a result of a serious breach of the conditions and subsequent de-authorisation by the Domain Name Commission. It details the steps that parties must take upon de-authorisation.
Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names

.html | .pdf

RMC This document sets out the general rules regarding the .nz DNS including the data required on the register and the general business processes required to be implemented.

Though this will be of interest to all parties, the primary audience for this policy document is registrars, as it will set out the requirements for operating on the register. This includes the data required, validation rules for the SRS, and options that are availiable.

Roles and Responsibilities

.html | .pdf

RAR This policy sets out the Domain Name Commission's expectations of all parties involved in the SRS: InternetNZ, NZRS, registrars, and registrants.

It clearly establishes the standards of behaivour required to operate in the .nz DNS, and the consequences of breaching these standards.

Second Level Domain Names

.html | .pdf

2LD This policy covers all aspects relating to 2LDs, including what 2LDs are currently offered, how moderation operates, and how 2LDs are established.

It will act as a guide to prospective name holders in selecting the most appropriate domain name, and as a resource for registrars to aid prospective name holders in this process.

Transfer to another registrar

.html | .pdf

TAR This policy clarifies the process involved when a domain name is transferred from one registrar to another. The transfer can be instigated by the registrant or the registrar. This policy is written for registrars and registrants and details the requirements for both parties to effect the transfer.
WHOIS Policy

.html | .pdf

WSP This policy outlines the collection of WHOIS data. It should be read in conjunction with the PRI
Zone Transfer Policy

.html | .pdf

ZTP This policy is not designed to restrict legitimate zone transfers but rather to ensure that the data remains availiable for its intended use and to have a mechanism in place to deal with flagrant misuse of zone data.

5. Forms




Registrar Authorisation Application Form


Registrars must complete this form as part of the authorisation process.

Registrar Connection Application Form


Registrars must complete this form as part of the connection process

Change of Registrant


This draft form can be used as a base document by registrars in order to fulfil the requirements of the change of name process. 

Complaint Form


This form should be used in order to issue a complaint.

Application for Unmoderated Second Level Domain


This form should be used to make an application for a new unmoderated second level domain

Application for Moderated Second Level Domain


This form should be used to make an application for a new moderated second level domain

Moderation Application


This document outlines how the applicant proposes to moderate a second level domain for .nz.

Application for Release of Zone File


This form is used to apply for release of the zone file under the Zone Transfer Policy.

6. Expired Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Forms

Document Name



Policy on Domain Name Allocation


This policy details the process that was used to allocate current domain names to registrars on the registrar's initial connection to the Shared SRS.  It details the criteria used in establishing the right of the registrar to have domain names transferred to them when they initially connect to the SRS.  The DNA policy expired with the sale of Domainz and the end of the Stabilising Registrar Agreement on 05 September 2003.

Domain Name Allocation


Registrars who were .nz accredited providers under the previous system completed this form as part of the allocation of domain names when the SRS went live.  This form expired when the DNA policy expired on 05 September 2003, as above.

Domain Name Allocation


Registrars who were unaccredited agents, or accredited providers who did not bill their customers directly under the previous system completed this form as part of the allocation of domain names when the SRS went live.  This form expired when the DNA policy expired on 05 September 2003, as above.

Moderate a Second Level Domain


Agreement to Moderate a Second Level Domain for .NZ This form expired on 1 March 2005.

Best Practice Guidelines


This policy still applies; however it is not listed with the current policies as it not longer fits with within the context of the .nz policies framework.

7. General Information

7.1 A range of information about .nz policies, the shared registry system, registrant rights, and domain names in general is publicly available on the Internet. This includes:

7.2 If anyone has any questions regarding this document they should email policies@dnc.org.nz.