Minutes of the .nz Oversight Committee Meeting

Thursday 27 September 2007, 4.30pm


Present: Frank March, David Russell, Andy Linton, Roger Hicks, Richard Currey, Joy Liddicoat, Helen Algar, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie.

Apologies: No apologies were received.

Frank opened the meeting. It was noted that though it had been indicated that observers would be present they had not arrived.

1. Minutes

The minutes of the last NZOC meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

2. NZOC Chair

Frank informed the meeting that he had agreed to take on the President’s role of being ex officio on NZOC. Accordingly, he tendered his resignation as Chair, and also his personal position on the committee. Frank then nominated Richard Currey as Chair, which was seconded by David Russell. The selection was confirmed with acclaim.

The new Chair proposed a vote of thanks for the outgoing Chair. Frank was thanked with acclaim. Frank noted that the Committee had been a great group to work with, and that over time he had received feedback that indicated that the job that the Committee does is very much appreciated by the Internet community. Frank will now be the ex-officio Council member of the Committee, and has volunteered to assist Richard in his role as Chair of NZOC.

Richard moved to welcome the two new members of the Committee, Joy and Helen, to their first meeting, Joy having attended the previous meeting as an observer.

3. NZOC Register of Interests – permanent agenda item

No conflicts were noted for this meeting.


The most recent communication from NZRS relating to the outage in March 2007 was discussed.

Andy queried the process followed by NZRS during the Nameserver Operational Requirements Review. It was decided that no further action from NZOC was required on this matter at this time though Richard will talk to the NZRS Chair about various NZRS matters and will raise this during discussion.

5. Structural Review.

David Farrar and Keith Davidson joined the meeting at 5pm to speak to this item.

NZOC has been asked to consider whether they support the recommendation made as part of the InternetNZ structural review that they incorporate as a limited liability company rather than remain as a committee within InternetNZ. A wide-ranging discussion covered the various arguments for and against incorporation. At the conclusion of the discussion, it was agreed that NZOC supported the proposal to incorporate NZOC / DNC subject to the constitution of the new company being agreed to by NZOC.

David Farrar and Keith Davidson were thanked for their time, and left the meeting.

6. DNC Reports

The DNC spoke to her reports covering the months of July and August. In respect of the implementation of .bank.nz, it was noted that the NZ Bankers’ Association are yet to advise when they will be ready for this to come into effect.

NZOC thanked the DNC for her reports.

7. NZ Māori Internet Society proposal

The NZMIS proposal regarding duplicating the existing .nz DNS in both Māori and English was discussed. A number of different aspects were considered but the key factor in the discussion was how the proposal fitted in the .nz policy framework.

NZOC did not agree with the view stated in the letter that NZMIS wasn’t proposing a new set of second level domains be created. It was noted that any additions to the .nz Domain Name System are governed by the Second Level Domains policy. It is this policy that sets out the criteria required to add an additional zone to the .nz DNS. Saying that the addition is merely a bilingual option does not change the fact that it is an addition to the DNS. There is no provision in the 2LD policy, or in any of the other .nz policies and procedures, for any registration to be duplicated in another zone. NZOC did not consider that there was any clear rationale, or demonstration of demand, in the proposal that would justify an exceptional change to the policy.

Accordingly, NZOC agreed that if NZMIS wanted to proceed with adding 2LDs such as .mahi.nz, .kura.nz etc, they would need to apply under the Second Level Domains policy.

8. Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names Policy Review - Oral Update

No submissions have been received to date.

9. IDN Working Group - Oral Update

The working group is awaiting the translated consultation paper. Once received, this paper will be published in both Māori and English, and submissions will be accepted in both languages. Submissions received in Māori will be translated into English.

10. Any Other Business

- Frank March noted the email that he had provided to the Committee referring to the GAC’s work on DNSSEC. Frank will be attending the ICANN meeting in Los Angeles as the NZ GAC representative and will report back following his attendance.

- The Law Commission has released its report on public registers, as part of its overall review of privacy law. Submissions are currently being sought on the report. A watching brief will be kept but no specific submission will be made as the report refers only to statutory registers.

- The Committee’s upcoming Strategy Meeting has been confirmed for the weekend of 29 February/1 March 2008. Members should expect to be contacted for travel arrangements etc during the next two months.

- Next meeting of NZOC is expected to be held early December. The date is to be confirmed.

Meeting closed 7.40pm.