From:             Neil Stockbridge

Received:      25 May 2012


I support the application for a <> 2LD.

<> represents an identifiable, significant community of interest because the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders identify with being "kiwi". Other registries offer <.me.tld> or equivalent so that individuals may claim their place on the Internet. <> would result in far more registrations than <>. As others have said, <> and <> just aren't up to scratch. I work for a domain name registrar yet I don't even know what <> is for.

Regarding the longevity of the community, the original application sums it up perfectly. Being "kiwi" isn't going to go out fashion.

<> would not conflict with, duplicate or cause confusion about any existing 2LD and would be a useful addition to the current DNS hierarchy because as argued by others, <> is little used and <> represents a small subset of <>. Whilst personal presences on the Internet were once the preserve of geeks, today's .nz space is extensively used by non-geek individuals and this trend will only continue. We have surprisingly many names registered by individuals using the <> 2LD., and so on. If anything, <> is causing confusion because kiwis are crying out for a personal identity on the Internet.

<> is a label for which the community of interest is immediately identifiable by New Zealanders. No label could be better.

Clearly <> will not bring the .nz domain name space in to disrepute any more than any web site or name registration under an existing 2LD could do so.

In summary, I support the application for a <> 2LD because there is no reason not to and because kiwi individuals are currently unable to have a place in the .nz space unless they are a geek or a "gen".

Neil Stockbridge