From:             Keith Davidson

Received:      11 May 2012


I would like to register my support for the opening of the new second level


The discussions and interest generated over new gTLDs and the use of the word "kiwi" within the DNS indicates there already is significant community interest and support in this as a further expansion of the .nz domain name.


I believe there will be considerably more interest in than there is in and, and each of those names serves a specific segmented community need.


I would perceive that the main attraction for registrations will come from the ex-pat New Zealanders. Secondarily, anyone who is struggling to find a fit within the existing 2nd levels may find useful for their purposes.


There is no conflict or duplication or confusion between and any other existing TLDs. There is nothing I can see that would bring the .nz name into disrepute, to any extent greater than existing domain names at the 3rd level might be perceived by some to be bringing .nz into disrepute.


The application puts the case for clearly and unequivocally and appears to me to be solidly based on serving a segment of the local Internet community, and I would tend to be more optimistic in thinking there could easily be 5,000+ names registered in this 2nd level.


The name adds a uniquely identifiable flavour to the .nz domain name, and the application has my full support.


Keith Davidson

InternetNZ Fellow