From:             Don Stokes

Received:      28 May 2012


I wish to support the application for creating, and in doing so offer the following observations:

1. The word "Kiwi" connotes NZ culture, the things that make NZ unique. Thus there is a significant community of interest in those who wish to identify with such culture, be it personally, or to identify products and services with a NZ cultural flavour.

2. I note that precedent for such identity-based second level domain names has already been established with the domain.

3. There is some interest in the proposed "kiwi" top-level domain. I believe that while the NZ hierarchy does not have to fully mirror the TLD range of names, the reality is that to some degree it does for names of interest to the NZ community. would provide an alternative for registrants that might feel that "kiwi" reflects their identity or business, but also wish to have the protections offered by the NZ domain registration environment, protections that are not available under the ICANN model.

4. I believe the claims in the application are all, to within reasonable measure, accurate.

Don Stokes

Knossos Networks Ltd