From:             Don Gould

Received:      16 May 2012


In general I support the creation of a new name space -

In my view, historically, the more products and services that are pushed into the Internet space the more the space evolves. or or

While I understand that the concept of the name space framework was to provide sub setting of function, I think application has shown many instances of more than one very valid organisation needing a domain name with the same name, so one uses while the other uses

This suggests to me that there will be a need for more name spaces in the future.

There will be a need for both and .kiwi in order to serve the needs/desires of the New Zealand community.


I have to wonder if the application is in some way an effort to under mine the commercial interests of DotKiwi Ltd's .kiwi application.

I have to wonder if INZ having decided not to bid for .kiwi, the DNC is now being used as a vehicle undermine the .kiwi efforts of DotKiwi Ltd.

Reviewing,, it would seem to me to be inappropriate for the DNC to be used in this way even if the policy requirements for a 2LD have been met. As such, I suggest that the council needs to consider this question.

Reviewing it would seem there is a very limited market for the "Kiwi" name space and could undermine the .kiwi efforts.

Again, I support the creation of any new name space, however I do think the council should give consideration to the timing of this name space request, at this time.