From:             Brandon Wilcox

Received:      16 May 2012


I support the creation of a new, open, second level domain (2LD) -

Given that it is not possible to register a name at the top level of the .nz name space, i.e., there are currently no .nz 2LDs that define the "Kiwi/New Zealander" community of interest.

Current 2LDs identify different types of organisation (companies, schools, government, iwi, etc), or sub-sets of the New Zealand population (maori, geek, etc) or the generic, catch-all, miscellaneous category of, but not people wanting to identify with being Kiwis or New Zealanders.

Therefore, I see as serving a community of interest that is not currently being served, i.e. there is no overlap or duplication with any existing 2LDs.

Some might say that the word "Kiwi" in the context of identity has the same definition as "New Zealander" and that <> therefore creates duplicate representation of the same community. This is an irrelevant argument because it is not possible to register a name at the top level, as stated above. Therefore, the only way to serve the substantial "New Zealander" community of interest is to create a "New Zealander" 2LD under the nz TLD. I can think of no better way to do this than

Furthermore, "kiwi" and "nz" are so different as to eliminate any chance of confusion. In fact, the two combined strengthen the identification of the community of interest and therefore reduce any chance of confusion. What would be confusing would be something like etc which would provoke a 'WTF' type response, or .kiwi as a TLD which might make people think of kiwifruit or shoe polish. But when combined with nz, i.e. <> the confusion is removed and the meaning is crystal clear.

In short, I believe is a useful addition to the .nz name space and serves a substantial community of interest not currently being served.