Kate Macdonald bank.nz Submission Kate Macdonald bank.nz submission
: Kate Macdonald
Received: 15 March 2007

I have heard that there is a proposition for bank.nz to be a new “2LD”, and that feedback
has been requested in response to this application. I would like
my feedback to be noted:

I do not think this is a good idea as a “2LD”. I believe bank.nz is too
unrepresentative of the organizations that choose to have websites; there are
about 5 different organizations that are banks – and how many websites in
NZ??? I do not think 5 banks represent a “significant community of interest”.
There are more Kate's, Tom's, Dick's and Harry's in NZ!!! I think a better
option would be com.nz or biz.nz or web.nz.

Thank you

Kate Macdonald