Jeremy Poff submission Jeremy Poff submission
: Jeremy Poff
Received: 13 March 2007

I have often considered nominating this TLD and thus have some thoughts generated
over the past couple of years.


I am not sure what powers the DNC has to manage the TLD registrants
once registered, but I feel TLD holders should ALL qualify
with the following


This is really our chance to make a secure banking system to showcase
to the world. There is no point in having if it provides no
benefit over the status quo. Rogues can already emulate sites and use
quasi-links to sidetrack a user. I think if the banks have their own
TLD it needs a point of difference that is not just "we are a bank".
Perhaps the bank TLD could be used ONLY for secure transactions and
they still maintain a site for all facilities that do not
require a login.

Of course banks are not the only companies that would like a more
secure web presence. Possibly the new TLD should be, or or or to allow any participant who
meets the security criteria and is a NZ company.

If we give out then will there not be cries also for,,,, and a whole raft of new

And what about equally deserving industries such as,,,,, or The
list would be endless. The banks as a percentage of NZ industries
must surely be small. Even if in their infancy on the web, perhaps
more credence should be given to for NZ agriculture or to
heavy demand streaming uses such as gamers and video. Surely a
deserving entity would be - there are many of these and
they do not really belong with unless they are commercial.
However they may well form the bulk of But they are easily
discernable as they are legal entities of one sort or another.


I think the initiatives being created by which arose from the, should be investigated as a porthole to secure logging on.
Apparently they have some form of authentication whereby the user
authenticates with them and they authenticate with the web site. It
also provides automatic updating for contact and address details to
all subscribers to a user's 1id name. This could be an extremely
useful form of keeping data current for those who provide accounts to


I believe three of the benefits arising from TLDs are;

1) A new one can weed out or segregate off sites which are clogging
or becoming a burden to an existing domain.
An excellent example of a truly standalone domain is the
domain. I think this is one of the most succinct created. Schools
could have easily joined the domain, but perhaps there was
resistance from the incumbent, or perhaps rules were already in place
which prevented this. There may be a case for .porn one day, although
I hope not in NZ.
I cannot really see an overwhelming reason to have .geek or .iwi
other than pressure from those who want their own TLD. I could
certainly be swayed by numbers of registered owners though if I knew
these TLDs were being utilised well. A good TLD would be serving to
remove clutter from an existing domain, or appropriately collect
related interests.

2) A new TLD opens up a whole new set of name choices when the
existing preferred TLD has limited options remaining. In NZ this is
probably not hugely important, as the US still manages to find new
domain names with a TLD such as .com, and they have many more people
contending for the names.

3) They allow filtering of sites at the highest level to encompass
all choices within. So (hypothetically) if no online shopping or
banking was allowed then filter out If only schools are to
be contacted then filter all but If the computer suite is
only for online learning then filter all but or
(if we had those TLDs).
This is possibly one of the most useful purposes for a TLD as it is
definitive and participants know the criteria before they join. One
bad apple can sour the barrel though, so there does need to be
management of the participants to ensure they comply.


I do NOT favour having a TLD as I feel it will either add
nothing or if it does add something then it will be adding something
that any other organisation with an account (phone, power, shopping,
etc) would also want to be a part of. Additionally it is likely to
add complacency around security issues, where none is due.

I DO favour a domain more general in members, but more specific in
purpose, such as or

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