Jamie Baddeley bank.nz Jamie Baddeley bank.nz submission
: Jamie Baddeley
Received: 19 March 2007

This is to record my conditional support for the application for a new
2LD - bank.nz. I believe it meets the criteria.

My one condition is that the applicant commits to a significant and
comprehensive campaign educating the public about the new 2ld and
highlighting what risks the new 2ld is potentially reducing (i.e
phishing attacks).

A .bank 2ld is pointless unless this education program is executed well
and the public awareness levels are raised. This is a critical element.

These conditions are related to:
"..Does not conflict with, duplicate or cause confusion about, any
existing 2LD, and is a useful addition to the current DNS hierarchy.."

Whilst .bank.nz does not cause additional confusion per se, phishing
attacks are effective to an extent due to current confusion. Without
thorough education, .bank.nz will not contribute to improving the status


Jamie Baddeley