Jacob Doherty .bank.nz Submission Jacob Doherty bank.nz submission
From: Jacob Doherty
Received: 6 March 2007

I believe this 2LD does not meet the criteria for creation.
Specifically, it does not pass the test for whether the community is significant
both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Quantitatively there are a small number of institutions authorised by the
Reserve Bank.
After the initial registration period, the number of domains registered is likely
to be fairly static.

Qualitatively the argument could be made that a moderated 2LD will:

I do not believe that this is correct, or that a moderated 2LD is the best way to
achieve the above results.

Phising attempts usually mask the URL contained on a webpage or in an
HTML email.
For example displaying the banks actual URL as text, but the hyperlink takes
the user to an identical version of their website, hosted by the scammer.

Having a 2LD restricted only to banks will not prevent these scams, and
indeed may have the opposite effect if the general public learns to "trust"
any link containing .bank.nz

I believe banks could achieve similar results without the creation of a separate
2LD as mentioned in recent submissions regarding the RMC review.

For example:

"Insert a clause that states that a domain name must not consist of a word
that is not permitted by law or the applicant itself is not permitted to use in
accordance with any law operating in New Zealand. For example, Section 64
of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand 1989 Act which places limits on the use
of restricted words such as "bank", banker and "banking" in a name or title.
If an application seeks to use such restricted words then the relevant registrar
will be required to carry out checks that the applicant is permitted to use these
words in their domain name."

Bearing in mind that this is the 3rd time this 2LD has been proposed:

In my opinion the application does not contain new information or changed
circumstances that would make it a useful addition to the current DNS