From:           Steve Morgan, Tauranga Computers Ltd
Received:     19 August 2014

In reference to the review of your Dispute Resolution System. I would suggest that the following changes be made:

If the respondent fails to respond to the dispute then the claimant is charged $2000 to proceed further, many small businesses can't afford or justify spending this amount of money, especially if the dispute is over a secondary web address. If the respondent reads your procedures they will realise that the claimant will be charge $2000 and know that they are unlikely to proceed, so will simply not respond.
It seems to me that if the respondent fails to respond this is proof positive that they feel they have no claim to the web address and so the address should be transferred to the claimant.

Also I believe the dispute charge should be reduced to a figure similar to a court small claims fee, this would be more affordable for small businesses.