David Farrar .bank.nz Submission David Farrar bank.nz submission
From: David Farrar
Received: 7 March 2007

I believe the bank.nz application fully complies with the policy for establishing new
second level domains, and there are no reasons why it should be declined. Taking
the criteria in turn:

Represents an identifiable, significant community of interest; where 'significant' can
mean either quantitatively or qualitatively and the community of interest can be
defined in a clear written statement

The banking community is easily identifiable and easily defined. In fact I would argue
that as there is a specific Act of Parliament to define what a bank is, you could not
find a better defined community of interest. In terms of significance, they are not
quantitatively significant but qualitatively they are beyond dispute as banks are very
different to other commercial enterprises, and in all modern economies play a
distinctive part.

Represents an on-going and long-lived community of interest

There is nothing to suggest that banks will not be long-lived.

Does not conflict, duplicate or cause confusion about, any existing 2LD, and is
a useful addition to the current DNS hierarchy

Banks are a subset of commercial organizations in co.nz but this does not mean the
2LDs are conflicting or a duplicate. We have ample precedent for subsets such as
mil.nz and govt.nz and geek.nz and gen.nz. A bank 2LD will not cause confusion to
the public and will in fact be of potential benefit in education oh phishing. It is not a
total solution to phishing, but can be part of a useful education campaign for people
to check their browser address lines and look for bank.nz URLs.

Uses a name to represent the domain that is an obvious derivative of a word that
properly describes the community of interest or a complete word

Bank is a complete word.

Does not bring the .nz domain name space into disrepute

The proposal in no way does that.

I strongly support the proposed bank.nz 2LD being created.

David Farrar
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Vice-President, InternetNZ, www.internetnz.net.nz
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