New Zealand Association of Credit Unions Submission New Zealand Association of Credit Unions submission
: Deborah Lee
Received: 28 March 2007


Thank you for your letter dated 1 March 2007, addressed to our CEO, Doug McLaren.

We welcome the opportunity to comment on the application to create a new second
level domain -

We believe that this is a domain name that has the potential to threaten the
Association's internet banking product with regards to security and credibility. We
believe that the banks will then start using this domain name as a new level of
security with their internet banking products. This gives them a point of difference
and competitive advantage between them and us (e.g., which we will not be able to match.

We believe that they will also use this domain name so that fraudulent activity e.g.
phishing attacks, will become less of a problem as the people creating the existing
fake sites will not be able to replicate sites.

If we are not able to use the site name, this could lead to a perception in the public's
mind that we are not a secure site and this could detrimentally impact our internet
banking product.


Deborah Lee
Manager - Member Services
New Zealand Association of Credit Unions
Level 4, Credit Union House, 272 Parnell Road
Parnell, Auckland
Phone 09 3099551 ext. 819