Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names Policy Review
From: Janelle McAlister, MarkMonitor
Received: 3 October 2011

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase of the number of registrar's and/or registries that have been compromised resulting in high profile domain names being defaced. We would like to propose the ability to 'lock' high profile domain names so that they could not be updated unless a request is sent from an authorized person at the registrar to an authorized person at .NZ. The function of this would be similar to the current locked domains procedures as outline in section 11 of the "Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names Policy" however we suggest that this be used for high profile domains on a voluntary basis instead of exclusively for DNC or court ordered domain locks. The ICANN website has further information on the registry locking protocol for .COM/NET at

Janelle McAlister
Supervisor ccTLD Specialists, MarkMonitor