Minutes of the .nz Oversight Committee Meeting

Thursday 27 July 2007, 3.00pm


Present:       Frank March, Colin Jackson, Chris Streatfield, David Russell, Andy Linton, Roger Hicks, Richard Currey, Joy Liddicoat, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie.

Apologies:       Colin Jackson, for leaving the meeting for a short period to attend the NZRS AGM.

Frank opened the meeting by formally welcoming Joy to the first meeting that she has attended. At this meeting, Joy was attending as an observer, as her term of appointment begins following the InternetNZ AGM.

1.         Minutes

The minutes of the last NZOC meeting were passed as true and accurate.

There were no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda. It was noted that the written report of the ICANN conference in Lisbon provided by Frank March should be included as part of the formal records of the Committee. This is available as part of the April NZOC report to Council which is online at http://www.internetnz.net.nz/proceedings/ctte/nzoversight/2007/2007-April-nzoc

2.         NZOC Register of Interests

No conflicts were noted for this meeting. Joy Liddicoat and Helen Algar, as the incoming NZOC members, have been asked to provide a note of interests for the register.

3.         DNC Reports

The DNC spoke to her reports covering the months of April, May and June, and discussed matters that may be covered in the July report. There was some discussion about some areas of the NZRS reporting and the DNC provided further clarification and information on some points, including DRS progress and aspects of the travel report.

NZOC were also updated on ongoing matters and they thanked the DNC for her reports.

4.         .bank.nz Application

A response has been received from the New Zealand Bankersí Association in relation to their .bank.nz application and NZOCís request for clarification of the proposed moderation policy. NZOC have agreed to the change in principle, but would like confirmation from the Reserve Bank that they are happy with the wording of the amended moderation policy. The Banking Ombudsman will also be consulted. The DNC will follow up with the Reserve Bank and Banking Ombudsman and report back to NZOC. NZOC will discuss this matter again by email, and present its final decision to the next Council meeting at the end of August.

5.         Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names Policy Review

NZOC was generally in favour of the draft of the third consultation paper as presented to the meeting, however, some alterations were proposed. Further comments on the draft are to be sent to the DNC before midday on Monday 6 August. Following that, the DNC is to circulate the paper one final time, for comments. Publication of the consultation paper is scheduled for Friday 10 August, with a three-month consultation period.

6.         DRS Experts and Mediators

NZOC noted that a review of the Dispute Resolution Service Policy and Procedure is planned, and that input from the current Experts and Mediators is expected to assist with this review. To enable this to effectively occur, NZOC agreed that the current Experts and Mediators could be offered a 12 month extension of their terms which are due to expire September 2007.

7.         Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs)

Richard Currey, Convenor of the IDN Working Group (WG), gave an oral update on the WG meeting which had been held that morning. The WG agreed that it would be restricted initially to the macrons used in the M?ori language. Next stage is for the WG to produce a bilingual general consultation paper which should be available for publication in mid to late September. This paper will ask for feedback on the issues that the WG will need to consider and will include a background on IDNs.

8.         Registrar Update

NZOC agreed with the approach proposed by the DNC.

9.         Any other business

- Proposal for strategy day:
Frank advised NZOC that the strategy day will take place early in 2008. Members are to notify their available weekends in February/March to the DNC by email.

- Retiring members:
Frank March formally thanked Chris Streatfield and Colin Jackson for their contributions to NZOC on the occasion of their retirement from the Committee. A presentation of gifts was made and their contributions were acknowledged by members with acclaim. Both Chris and Colin noted their enjoyment of the time with NZOC.

Next meeting

The next meeting of NZOC is yet to be confirmed but is likely to be late September / early October