Minutes of the .nz Oversight Committee Meeting

Wednesday 12 December 2007, 4.30pm


Present: Richard Currey, Frank March, Helen Algar, Andy Linton, David Russell, Roger Hicks, Joy Liddicoat, Peter Macaulay, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie.

Richard opened the meeting and welcomed InternetNZ President Peter Macaulay who was attending the meeting as an observer.

1. Minutes

The minutes of the last NZOC meeting were passed as true and accurate. The Committee discussed the implementation of the moderated domain .bank.nz and was advised that progress is being made.

There were no further matters arising that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

2. NZOC Register of Interests

No conflicts were noted for this meeting and no changes were made to the current register of interests.


Nick Griffin and Dave Baker from NZRS joined the meeting to discuss their DNS Operational Requirements document. A more detailed work plan, including project timelines, will be provided to NZOC after signoff of the project by the NZRS Board early next year. NZRS also agreed to provide an updated network diagram of the current DNS and SRS structures prior to the next NZOC meeting.

4. DNC Reports

The DNC spoke to her reports covering the months of September and October.

5. .nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy Review

When the .nz Dispute Resolution Service was established in June 2006, it was agreed that, after its first year of operation, the policy would be reviewed. NZOC discussed the scope of any review and agreed that this would be a general consultation on the DRS Policy and it operational implementation.

A consultation paper will be published on the DNC website with the comment period closing in mid February 2008.

6. Registering, Managing and Cancelling Domain Names Policy Review

Seven submissions were received in the latest consultation on the RMC Policy. After discussion, NZOC agreed that there was strong support for the status quo and no solid support for registration restrictions to be introduced for .nz domain names.

A proposal put forward by the State Services Commission regarding a process for managing complaints involving a clear breach of New Zealand law was considered by NZOC. They agreed that there was merit in exploring the feasibility of such an approach but were concerned with how such a process could be put into practice particularly around what constituted a “clear” breach of the law.

It was agreed that the DNC would develop some draft wording for such a process, together with a draft operational policy as to how it might work in practice. The first draft of these will be put to the next NZOC meeting.

7. Draft Budget for 2008/2009 Financial Year

The Committee noted the end of year forecast for the 2007/2008 financial year.

NZOC approved the draft 2008/2009 budget as presented, and set the management fee for the 2008/2009 financial year. The DNC is to formally advise NZRS of the management fee which is a 10% increase over the current fee.

8. Fee setting

A summary of the process used for setting the domain name fee last year was provided by the DNC. The subcommittee approach worked well and was easy to manage. A repeat of this process was suggested and approved.

The subcommittee will consist of the DNC, and two NZOC representatives (Richard Currey and Joy Liddicoat) and the General Manager of NZRS and two NZRS representatives (to be confirmed).

The next NZOC meeting will be held in conjunction with the upcoming strategy meeting in time to consider any work undertaken by the subcommittee and together with NZRS prepare a joint recommendation to the InternetNZ Council for their March meeting.

9. IDN Working Group - oral update

Submissions on the IDN consultation close on 19 December. Eight submissions have been received so far. The Working Group will report back to NZOC in February.

10. Any other business

Frank March noted the report that he had provided to the Committee for their information, referring to the GAC’s work at ICANN in Los Angeles. Andy Linton and Richard Currey also spoke about their trip to the LA ICANN meeting.

NZOC’s upcoming Strategy Meeting has been confirmed for the weekend of 29 February/1 March 2008. Members should expect to be contacted for travel arrangements etc during the coming week.

Next meeting of NZOC will be held in conjunction with the Strategy Meeting.

Meeting closed 7.20pm.