.nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy Review Submission, 4th April 2011.

As the .nz DRS policy was originally formed using the Nominet DRS policy (http://www.nominet.org.uk/disputes/drs/?contentId=5239), I would like to see the following amendments made.

The following to be inserted under part 6 of the .nz DRS policy "How the Respondent may demonstrate in its Response that the Domain Name is not an Unfair Registration".

6.4. Trading in domain names for profit, and holding a large portfolio of domain names, are of themselves lawful activities. The Expert will review each case on its merits.

6.5. Sale of traffic (i.e. connecting domain names to parking pages and earning click-per-view revenue) is not of itself objectionable under the Policy. However, the Expert will take into account:

i. the nature of the Domain Name;
ii. the nature of the advertising links on any parking page associated with the Domain Name; and
iii. that the use of the Domain Name is ultimately the Respondent's responsibility.